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    Create a platform that enables independent physician practices to deliver consistent quality at a lower cost with a better patient experience

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About Us

Transformant: “A cell that has taken up additional DNA, usually a plasmid, that confers some antibiotic resistance, so that the successful transformants will grow, while all of the cells that weren’t transformed will not….”

Transformant Healthcare Solutions (THS) is a value-added service company created to help independent physician practices remain independent.

Through a combination of data collection and analysis, consulting and management services, THS focuses on assisting practices in their preparation for value-based contracting in addition to merger assistance and traditional management services. In service of its largest client, OrthoCarolina, THS has created and implemented the infrastructure to negotiate and manage commercial bundled payment contracts. As of Q3 2015, THS had enacted six commercial bundled payment agreements and two site-of-service agreements generating improved patient clinical outcomes and satisfaction while substantially lowering the cost of care to their patients.

Transformant Healthcare Solutions can assist provider groups in generating and managing their own commercial bundled payment and other value-based contracts while facilitating enhanced data-sharing among our members on these endeavors with the potential for shared ownership.

In the emerging healthcare environment, a new approach to the management of a physician practice is key - not only to thrive, but to survive. To be successful, practices will not only need to optimize performance of their operations and business functions, but also must collect, report, and govern clinical outcomes to drive consistent, accountable, value-driven care.

THS offers a combination of value-added management services for care coordination, quality outcome collection and reporting, physician governance and value based contracting in addition to traditional physician practice management of business office functions, IT, marketing, legal, organizational development, strategic planning, data analytics, merger assistance and compliance.

Patients in THS’s practices are able to compare the quality of their doctor to the competition, receive care at a lower cost with consistently high quality in a positive experience. THS groups are known for their superior clinical and business performance – the best independent franchise in each area. Groups constitute a national orthopedic network for contracting on value-based care with employers, insurers, physician groups, and hospitals.


Value Based Services

Benchmarking & Growth Planning

Compliance Management

Business Services

IT and Marketing

HR, Accounting, Legal


  • MSO Services for OrthoCarolina, PA – 15 years
    • 158 MDs, 1450 employees
    • 38 locations in North Carolina
    • 20+ hospital partners
    • $250 million in revenue
    • Over 1M patient encounters each year
  • Commercial Bundles/Coordinated Care Program
    • OrthoCarolina was one of the first major independent orthopedic groups in the country to contract directly (not through a hospital) with a major payer for bundled payments. The comprehensive program features coordination of the entire episode of care (surgeon, facility, PT, consultants, unplanned events, anesthesia, DME) supported by a concierge experience with our Patient Navigator. Included with the episode arrangement is a risk period umbrella that provides a safety net for the patient.
      • Current Commercial Clients
      • Employer Direct Healthcare knee and hip replacement, outpatient procedures, and spine surgery
      • BCBS of North Carolina knee and hip replacement
      • Cigna knee and hip replacement
      • Duke Energy knee and hip replacement and spine surgery
      • General Electric knee and hip replacement
      • Allevion self-pay offering knee and hip replacement
      • National Orthopedic and Spine Alliance knee and hip replacement and spine surgery
  • Voluntary Participation in Medicare BPCI Program (Model 2) – January 1, 2015
    • The Medicare demonstration project Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) is an all-inclusive program for Medicare patients in 30 DRGs. The program is designed to promote cost-containment and innovative approaches. Nine full-time RN case managers provide high-touch, direct oversight of the patient-centered approach to high quality at lower cost. As part of the Clinical Quality Department, the goal of the program is to enhance the quality of care for patients and they have a proven track record.

Our Team

Dan Murrey, MD, MPP
Chief Executive Officer

Virginia Casey, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Lindsay I. Muns
Chief Administrative Officer

Maureen Ruddy
Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer Schenk
Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

Brent Shear
Chief Financial Officer

Leo Spector, MD
Chief Quality Officer


Jun 09 2016


Dan Murrey, valued-based services expert and OrthoCarolina CEO, to take THS leadership role

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Apr 11 2016

Creating Physician-Owned Bundled Payments

At OrthoCarolina, a multi-site independent orthopedic physician group in the Charlotte area, we lowered cost by 10-30% and dramatically improved outcomes for hip and knee replacement surgery.

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Nov 02 2015

VIDEO: The Future of Private Practice

Successful private practices are focused on the forces driving healthcare today: collaboration and integration, transparency on quality and cost, systems thinking and innovation.

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